Geral Filmes was born in 2005 with a mission: storytelling. Whether through a feature film, a short, an advertisement, branded content or a doc. Whether in open TV, signed TV, cinema, on the web or mobile.

With a light structure, Geral Filmes is a creative team, focused and prepared – above all – to find the best way to tell your stories.

Partner and stage director, Caetano Gottardi, is graduated in Cinema by Faap. He has run advertisements for major clients such as Adidas, Chevrolet, HP, Budweiser, Habib’s and many others. In fiction, directed the short ‘Two Tons’ and prepares projects of feature film and original series.

Graduated in business administration from PUC-SP, Bruno Gottardi worked in Asset Manegement of Santander and Grupo Cherto, among other places. With his expertise in finance and consulting, he is a partner and is responsible for the executive production of the company’s projects since 2008.